Visiting The Local Breweries

Do you love having a beer? There are a lot of people who enjoy drinking beer, but they hardly know anything about the different varieties of beer and the different brewing procedures. Visiting a brewery is one of the best ways of finding enough information about different brewing procedures and different varieties of beer. It is always a very special feeling to sit in a good pub and have some good quality beer. It is considered one of the best ways of spending the evening or the afternoon with friends. Many will have their favorite beers. But people will not know what is that one thing that makes a simple beer one’s favorite. Different ingredients go into a beer, but we hardly know about them. Having a clear idea of the brewing procedure and learning more about it can help an individual enjoy his beer to a greater extent.

Useful Guided Tours at Breweries

With the introduction of local breweries, it has become quite convenient for individuals to get an idea about the different procedures used to make beer. Breweries always welcome visitors, and there are even some breweries that offer guided tours. Such tours help individuals in having a look behind the scenes and get an idea of what is involved in the whole procedure. These tours help individuals in knowing how their favorite beers are made. They also give people the scope of asking questions regarding the brewing techniques and the ingredients used for making beer.…

Coffee: From Bean To Brew | Mike Cooper

Have you ever wondered how coffee beans are made? How coffee goes from the plant it grows on to the lovely dark roasted beans we use to make the coffee we drink? Well, good news – Mike’s here to tell you! Join him inside a coffee roasters as he explains the process from start to finish – from picking coffee cherries through to drying, roasting, testing… and drinking. Think about this next time you’re having a coffee, whether you’ve ground it from beans or are using a pod in a machine. What else you do you want to know about coffee? Leave a comment and let us know.

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How To Brew Chemex Coffee : MistoBox Series

The Chemex is for those that like exceptionally bright and clean coffees with tons of flavor clarity and little body.

Designed by a German chemist in 1941, the Chemex is one of our favorite ways to make coffee. It’s beautiful and distinct hourglass shape make it one of most beautiful brewers out there, but that’s not the only reason to love it.

Our favorite feature of the Chemex is the thick, triple-layered paper filter that accentuates the clarity of the cup, enhancing brightness and nuance, while eliminating any body that could get in its way. Perhaps the cleanest cup coffee, it’s hard to beat this classic brewer.

To brew with a Chemex, you will need:


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How To Make Cold Brew Chocolate | Mike Cooper

King of Cold Brew Mike Cooper returns to show you how to make Cold Brew Chocolate from coarsely ground cacao nibs. Cold brewing extracts flavours from ingredients such as coffee beans using cold water over an extended period of time. If you’ve mastered Cold Brew Coffee and are looking for a drink with a different flavour but made with similar techniques, make sure you give this a go and let us know what you think of it.

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Halloween Witch Puts Kid In Brew | Halloween Express Animatronics | ‘Stew Brew Witch’ | DavidsTV

The Halloween Witch Puts a kid in her brew cauldron! This is an awesome and fun Halloween Express Animatronic! Jagger loves this Witch so much!

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How To Brew Polyjuice Potion – Pottermore Tutorial

If you have any questions leave a comment πŸ˜€
This is where you can find the ingredients for this potion:

Part 1
Fluxweed: book 2, ch. 5, moment 2
Knotgrass: book 2, ch. 7, m1
Lacewing Flies: Diagon Alley
Leeches: book 2, ch. 9, m2

Part 2
Horn of Bicorn & Skin of Boomslang: book 2, ch. 5, m3
Slytherin hair: book 2, ch. 8, m2

I hope this video could help. Have fun brewing πŸ™‚…



Boogie Brew stands proud to offer both commercial-scale farmers & hobby-level brewers alike with the opportunity to purchase the very same highly-valued individual tea ingredients that we already source from our own vendors.

While working with a web-based environmental news channel, Boogie Brew was fortunate to make a video about our superb compost tea product. Big thanks to N. for production.…